Welcome. There are many reasons why people find themselves looking for support and understanding. Maybe its something you’ve struggled with for many years and now is the right time. Or perhaps it is a recent challenge that needs attending. Either way, making the step towards therapy is often not easy and most certainly takes courage. I see myself as here to make that transition as easeful and comfortable as possible.

I have offices in San Francisco and Marin.

“Cara deVries is not only extremely skilled and compassionate, she’s also flexible and offers just what seems to be needed in each session I had with her. She prepared me for a surgery that terrified me and helped me deal with unrelenting and extreme pain. I went from a trembling, crying, broken and threatened professional to a secure, confident, and productive one in the course of our year of meetings. I highly recommend Cara to help you overcome your physical and mental health struggles.”

~L.B. Chiropractor