Parent Support Groups

“Caring for ourselves, caring for our children: tools for parents with ill and hospitalized children”

Coping with a chronically ill child is often a very challenging life situation. We want to do what is best for our children always. And with the added stress of illness and hospitalization, we can sometimes feel at a loss for how to give them what they need and still take care of ourselves. In my over two decades of working in children’s hospitals, I was often struck with how well intended and loving the parents were and yet, many times witnessed parents lose their ground, their power and slowly, their ability to be there for their child and themselves in ways that foster healthy attachments.

Fortunately, we live in a very special time for healing. Advances in neuroscience and attachment make it possible for us to dramatically change traumatic imprinting. With awareness and the right tools, we can create a more calm and grounded experience for ourselves and thereby, attend to our children from that place.

The intention for this group is to offer and experience tangible tools for self-regulation and self-soothing, as well as general education regarding trauma and support for coping with having an ill child.

Learn to:

  • Discover your own center by learning basic tools of self-regulation, grounding and body awareness.
  • Create a healing atmosphere for your child—even in the hospital.
  • Read and respond to your child through deep attunement.
  • Stay bonded and connected to your child throughout their hospital stay.
  • Decrease symptoms of traumatic stress for yourself and for your child.
  • Stay centered in the chaos of the hospital environment.


We will meet for 2 hours, one evening a week for 6 weeks with a maximum of 8 participants. Each week will have a period of lecture along with fun and relaxing exercises. There will also be plenty of time for dialog and questions.

At my office in Marin

$55/evening session

More Info:
or call 415.289.6770