I see psychotherapy as a sacred meeting place. I place where together, we navigate your world, your struggles and your dreams. It is an intentional time where we will lay the groundwork for safety, grounding and calming as needed, leading to a deeper sense of ourselves, clarity about our life circumstances and create a path that is clearer to walk into the future.  The work begins with making a connection and developing a relationship together. The relationship itself will be the basis for safety in our work together and the catalyst for tracking the changes you are looking for in the therapy. In other words, it is a collaboration, a coming together in discovery of where we might find clarity, ease, authenticity. Typically, I will ask you questions about your history, especially when there has been any physical and emotional illness or trauma. The work is gentle and respectful. Always attuned to what is in front of us in the moment, we will follow your narrative and your pace, working in tandem and listening carefully to what is needed.

I work with a variety of issues:

  • Chronic pain that may be a result of surgery, illness or accidents
  • Depression, grief or loss of a loved one
  • Coping with a chronic illness
  • Anxiety, panic disorders and phobias
  • Family of origin concerns
  • Relationships with parents, partners, children and colleagues
  • Parenting and co-parenting. Separation, divorce and child custody issues

I welcome a “get to know each other” 30 minute phone session at no charge.

You can leave me a confidential voice mail at 415.289.6770

I look forward to our connection.